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Today is: 22 February 2019

Sports Hall

The Sport and Entertainment Arena was commissioned on October 2nd, 2000. Its total surface with facilities is approximately 2,300 m2, while the sport area’s surface is 1330 m2. The building was adapted to contain 1000 people during the spectacular events, including 400 people in the stands. The floor on the sport hall surface is made on the basis of a flexible construction and covered with a sport facing called Linoflex, providing a high level of safety and health. Within just a few minutes a sports hall can be adapted to a number of sports (volleyball, basketball, Unihockey, football, handball, tennis). With the use of the automatically lowered baskets and the electrically controlled curtains, as well as with posts installed in the floor, the sport hall can be divided into three pitches, on which at the same time it is possible to lead competitions and conduct classes. The whole building is adapted for the needs of the persons with disabilities (a drive, toilets, a passenger elevator)..