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Today is: 22 February 2019


Stadium complex is a full-sized  grassy playing field, a cinder surfaced track, an asphalt pitch transformed into a skating rink in winter, a training ground, a pavilion with technical base, changing rooms with showers and toilets, a club room and an electronic clock. The stadium has a permanent stage on which it hosts a number of concerts and special events. The playing field can be illuminated, if necessary. During numerous leisure events it is an excellent place for relaxation and entertainment.
The stadium is designed to play the 3rd League games according to the PZPN requirements.

  The pitch’s dimensions:
                length - 100m
                width – 64m
  Number of seats: 1280 szt.
                     roofed chairs – 780
                     benches – 500
  Track length: 400m
  Lighting: available